The Crafty Hag (Coralette Damme) is going to share her special stamp carving secrets with you during this fun evening workshop! In just a couple of hours you will experience the thrill of turning your own simple design into a permanent rubber stamp!
Supplies and tools needed to carve a rubber stamp and print a few greeting cards will be provided, all you need to bring is an image and a friend!
Your image can be a simple drawing –thick lines work best for your first effort–or a black and white copy of a photograph. Images should be about the size of a business card.
If you don’t know what to make don’t worry! You can make a monogram of your initials or even just an abstract pattern. The fun is in learning a new skill and meeting some nice people while you do it. Sign up today!
$45 per person

Cancellation Policy:
Five days’ notice is required in order to receive in-store credit or to reschedule your class.
If canceling less than five days prior to class, a refund may be given if we can fill your spot from the waiting list. A class may be canceled due to lack of sign-ups. If your class is canceled, we will notify you two days prior to the scheduled class.

Tickets available in our online shop or in-store at Strands of Sunshine.